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Speaker Reel: Learning Associates (Educational Leadership Development)

SPEAKER focus topics:

  • Trifecta Impact: Change Management, Systems Thinking & Executive Presence
  • How to influence the actions and behaviors of adults that drive change
  • The scalable approach to building leadership pipelines and legacy
  • How not to succumb to the 3 fears of leadership.

COACHING offers a variety of focus topics including:

  • Leadership Decision Making In Uncertainty
  • Using Team as a Driver of Agency and Collective Efficacy
  • Empowering and Transferring Ownership of Outcomes in A Thriving System
  • Establishing a Thriving System of Excellence

These are a few topics that will show your participants how to expand their leadership, demonstrate evidence of their leadership, and build scalable and sustainable systems for change.


  • Chief Academic Officer
  • Chief of Schools
  • Assistant/Associate/Jr Superintendent
  • Principal Supervisor
  • Executive Director/Director
  • Principal/Assistant Principal


  • Team Dynamics/Development
  • Strategic Planning, Continuous Improvement, Improvement Sprints
  • Facilitative Leadership
  • Systems Thinking & Design
  • Complex Education Change Management
  • Executive Presence
  • Coaching Impact
  • School Walkthroughs
  • Defining/Shifting Culture
  • Impacting Community to Action
  • Parent Inclusion for Impact
  • Principal Supervisor to Principal Coaching
  • Instructional Systems for Impact


  • Executive Coaching / Coaching
  • Thought-Partnership
  • Consultant/Advisor
  • Leadership Content Design/Development
  • Leadership Facilitation/Professional Learning