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Leadership Tools

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Educational Leadership Planning Models for Instructional Impact

Download this complimentary guide on the 3 leadership competencies and 3 instructional leadership skills that WILL GET STUDENT RESULTS.


  • Executive Presence
  • Systems Thinking
  • Change Management


  • Strategic Planning
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Improvement Sprints

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Leadership Program

  • Want to go deeper? Learn to apply each of the competencies and skills in your leadership context. Using your current or aspirational leadership needs, watch your leadership growth begin to influence the actions and behaviors of the adults you lead, experience the systems shifts that begin to produce the right conditions for transformation, and establish your legacy as your students accelerate their learning under your leadership.

  • Price: $998 USD

Growth Journal

Great leaders have strong self-reflection skills. Leaders with impact pause to identify what is working well, why is working well, and what impact is being realized. They also reflect on when things are not going well.

Journaling pen to paper is a powerful tool.

  1. Writing by hand can make learning easier.
  2. Writing by hand can improve memory.
  3. Writing in a journal, by hand, helps you achieve the maximum benefit of journaling.
  4. Writing by hand can have similar benefits to meditation.
  5. Writing by hand can help enhance creative expression.

Supercharge your leadership by journaling your journey and deepening the skill of self reflection to excel in your leadership.

Available April 3, 2023.

Price: $20


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Personalized Services

Seeking to bring these leadership skills to your team? The leadership competencies and skills are right for:

  • Chief Academic Officer
  • Chief of Schools
  • Assistant/Associate/Jr Superintendent
  • Principal Supervisor
  • Executive Director/Director
  • Principal/Assistant Principal'

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